Republic CSC Shrink Film

A Polyolefin three-layer Bi-oriented shrink film. Has high clarity, super seals on both hot knife or hot wire machines. Both single wound shrink film and center fold shrink film come with the thickness from 50 to 100 ga. It is suitable for manual L sealers, semi automatic and high speed automatic packaging machines.

Density (g/cm3) D1505 0.914
Elasticity (Kg/mm2) D882A 60
Tear resistance (Kg/mm2) D882A 11/13
Shrink rate (%l20°Cx5´) 50/50
Clarity (%) D2457 130
Friction D1894/B-63 0.35


Feet/Roll Feet/roll
50 Gauge 10,500 Ft. 5,250 Ft.
60 Gauge 8,750 Ft. 4,375 Ft.
75 Gauge 7,000 Ft. 3,500 Ft.
100 Gauge 5,250 Ft. 2,625 Ft.

This Product is Recyclable

Shrink Film Applications

Printed and paper products, any box overwrap (toys, games, packaged foods and candy), hardware, housewares, pharmaceuticals, textiles, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, industrial parts, and misc. applications.

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